Surreal eyewear collection

Noego is a designer collection, contemporary colorful graphic.
Created by Hugo Martin, Parasite founder, the brand is a territory of expression for art
and surrealist design creative.


Noego frames play with structure, colors and material. They are designed to be pleasant and easy to wear with contemporary and adapted materials. Noego frames are imagined to highlight personalities, it’s all about well-being and blooming.



The combinations and the sense of colors and materials are a major asset of the collection. The colors are rich, intense and refined, and the combinations of materials are innovatives and originals.



After almost 20 years of eyewear design know-how and manufacturing experience, Noego offers incredible quality and durability, precious values in the world of today. The “Noego Premium” collection is made in France, by experienced craftsmen with extraordinary know-how. The products reflect both quality and tradition, and offer fresh air to French eyewear. The “Noego Light” collection is made in South Korea, one of the most innovative manufacturing place in the world for metal eyewear. This affordable range gives access to design, creativity and quality to a lot of people.


Travel in colorful air with AERONEF. The “wings” of the glasses will highlight your eye line with daring color combinations.


AERIAL are surprisingly light. Noego plays with the emptiness and the fullness of the frame. The different shapes’ symbiosis gives these spectacles elegance, comfort and lightness.


Very thin, the geometry of the frames is changing from classic curves to hexagonal structures inspired by the 80’s. Colored in a “gymnastic” mood, they boost your face with a touch of elegance.

MElody TEMpo

Our MELODY and TEMPO Collections are timeless and will marry your face with harmony.


The choice of an absolute harmony between your frames and you, NUMBER the subtly classic frames.


A subtle blend of classic and retro shapes combined with colorful graphic lines to highlight your face.


Dazzling combinations. Dare to use a geometric and energetic frame. FREQUENCY colors will illuminate your face.


Accuracy and precision, our DIMENSION collection with complex and modern colors will catch your eye and eyes.

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