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Noego frames play with structure, colors and materials, and their finishes are superb.
Every season, Hugo Martin renews the collection, looking for inspiration in avant-garde trends from fashion, art and architecture.

Thanks to the creativity of the design, the innovation due to technology and a high quality of manufacturing, Noego fits perfectly with our today requirements.

The color combinations are a great asset of Noego frames. They are often audacious, always judicious. Quality of manufacture is visible here as well: whether vivid or sober, teints are intense, subtle and refined. The material associations are innovative and creative.


Very thin, the geometry of the frames is changing from classic curves to hexagonal structures inspired by the 80’s. Colored in a “gymnastic” mood, they boost your face with a touch of elegance.


The MAKE-UP collection is named for its ability to magnify the beauty of the eyes through a subtle combination of shapes and materials evoking the makeup universe, powder, blush, mascara, sparks, all the components are reunited to dazzle the face.


Our Mirage frames are produced by combining different thin metal sheets. This complex technique uses different metal layers and designs to create a stunning effect that changes the angle of light and perception. A game of illusions.


Back to the 90’s with the Squelette design dancing between elegance and provocation, with colorful detailed. This style will reveal the different sides of your personality.


The Coincidence frames are designed in a contemporary style, easy to wear thanks to their pure lines. Engraved with two different types of pattern, the combination of colors offer sport or smart style.


Phantom plays and makes fun out of the traditional architecture and functional structure of the product to deceiving surrealistic effect, a metal wire draws the edge of an imaginary frame like a phantom drawing. Conceived with a minimum of pieces and material, this frame is ultra-light and projects a surprising personality. With the Phantom, a thin frame no longer means making it disappear, but to make it stand out! Surreal.


Wearing a colorful line that makes co-exist the eyeshape with the curve of the frames, it offers to the face a large choice of color combination to underline the eyes.

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